April 2010 Shows

April 2010 Shows

Thursday 1 – Aaron Swanton, Spencer Rabin, Randy Hernandez

Friday 2 – Motion to Sever, Scales, FKENAL

Saturday 3 – Lanterns, Da Bears, D/Wolves

Monday 5 – Primitive Noyes, Mouse Fire (FL), Manta Rae, Samhears

Tuesday 6 – Analog Wave with DJs Autumn Child and Blk Pnts

Wednesday 7 – Chilltown w/ DJS TravisT, Brothers Ralph, Spirit Bear and Performance by Halcyonaire

Thursday 8 – The Cutaways, Melly Frances and the Distilled Spirits

Friday 9 – Joy, Low Volts, The Smart Bothers

Saturday 10 – The Flowerthief, Bella Novella, One i Red

Monday 12 – Teenage Wasteland w/ DJs Lord Hammer and Muchacho D-Hey

Tuesday 13 – Rebar and Plums, Whales Wailing, Danica, Alti Veri

Wednesday 14 – Lilith Velkor, Prize Country (Portland), Breaker Breaker One Niner

Thursday 15 – The Goomies (Corey’s 23rd Birthday!!), Vanity Affair, Hocus

Friday 16 – Apes of Wrath, Maus Haus (San Francisco), Serengeti Rocks!

Saturday 17 – Rafter (Record Release!!!) Smile Now Cry Later, Lion Cut, Cuckoo Chaos w/ DJ WWDJ

Monday 19 – Heavy Hawaii, Power Animal (Philly!), Little Deadman

Tuesday 20 – DJ P.Prez and Cynthesizer (NY)

Wednesday 21 – Normandie Wilson, Adams and Eves, Miss Erika Davies

Thursday 22 – Patrick Norton Band, Zapf Dingbats, Jon Ji

Friday 23 – Incomplete Neighbor, Chelsea Wolfe, Kenseth Thibideau, Tape Deck Mountain

Saturday 24 – Gregory Page, D.S. Yancey, The Western Set, Everett Howl and the Wolves

Sunday 25 – Trashcan Fires, Garage Voice (seattle), Chairs Missing

Monday 26 – Black Mamba, Pepi Ginsberg (NY, SF, LA), Cousins

Tuesday 27 – Analog Wave w/ DJs Autumn Child, Blk Pnts and Performances by: Aquaserge (France: ex Stereolab and Acid Mother’s Temple), Nude Boy, Casper and the Cookies (ex Of Montreal) – Don’t miss this show!

Wednesday 28 – Nautical Disaster, Little Fowl, Mike Pope and the Big Decisions

Thursday 29 – Space Nature, Twin Brother (Las Vegas), The Paddle Boat, Primitive Noyes

Friday 30 – Street of Little Girls, The Dabbers, Moviegoers


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