June 2010 Shows

June 2010

Tuesday 1 – Last Minute DJ set by Seth Combs aka DJ Meth Combz

Wednesday 2 – Chilltown with DJS TravisT, Spiritbear, Brothers Ralph – its Jon Owens Birthday! come help him Celebrate with Manta Rae

Thursday 3 – Vision of a Dying World 7″ Release with Miss Erika Davies, Jehovas Fitness, Lonesome Sparrow $5

Friday 4 – Red Pony Clock, Eux Autres (SF), Le Ra, The Endless Bummer $5

Saturday 5 – Snuffaluffagus Record Release Party with Mothlight, TeamAWESOME, The Dusty Highway $5

Tuesday 8 – DJs Meth Combz and Tropical Popsicle (Tim Hines of Lights On) w/ Performances by: Black Swans (Jon Piotrowski), Aaron Swanton, Inkblot Propaganda (Jordan of Primitive Noyes) $3

Wednesday 9 – Reverend Mothers, Paper Forest, Dead Animal Mod $3

Thursday 10 – Young and Broke Night Returns!!! welcome DJ Crystal Mess back for her NOT AS YOUNG, BUT JUST AS BROKE Night!!! $3 (a night dedicated to helping her get her feet back on the ground after her long road trip home)

Friday 11 – Jamuel Saxon, Random Patterns (LA), Arrows $5

Saturday 12 – Monsters From Mars, Shapes Of Future Frames, Bryan Bangerter and The Whole Shebang $4

Monday 14 – Pelican Sam, Nohow On (NY), Ankla Luz $3

Tuesday 15 –  The Delta Mirror, The Shimmies, Of Sons and Ghosts w/ DJ Skullcrusher

Wednesday 16 – Heavy Glow, Whitman (Austin), Tommy Graf $4

Thursday 17 – Jeans Wilder, Ornithology (SF), Israel Putnam El Americano, Indian Camp $4

Friday 18 – The Heavy Guilt,  The Western Set, River City $4

Saturday 19 – Space Nature, Wheels On Fire (Athens, OH), Moonbeams $5

Monday 21 – Halcyonaire, The Blank Tapes (Bay Area), Rubedo (Denver), The Walking $5

Tuesday 22 – Dead Feather Moon, The Devil Whale (Utah), Gun Outfit (Olympia) $4

Wednesday 23 – The Smart Brothers, All On Seven (Sacramento), Emily?MLE $4

Thursday 24 – Lion Cut, Head Like a Kite (Seattle), Smoosh!!! $6

Friday 25 – Hotel St. George, The Displaced, Kennedy’s Curse $5

Saturday 26 – 5 to Midnite, Roxy Monoxide $3

Tuesday 29 – .:Analog Wave:. with DJS Blk Pnts and Autumn Child – Blessure Grave, The Freely Omnes $4

Wednesday 30 – Stage Kids, Dreamgoatz (Arcata), Montucky (Arcata), Marcelo Radulovich $4


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