Future Islands!!! May 20th, 2010

When Future Islands, originally from North Carolina – currently residing in Baltimore, stepped on the stage to begin playing, standing over the gleam of the red lighting which they provided, I was immediately impressed. They had such stage presence, and throughout the set, I found myself trying to catch my breath. Their performance was filled with such intensity and feeling, easily one of the most moving performances we have ever had here.

Samuel T. Herring’s voice was ridiculously impressive, along with his crowd interaction. He actually told me after he was done playing that for whatever reason, he was really feeling it that night, and it was so obvious that he was feeling it, we all were!

William Cashion and J. Gerrit Welmers were stoically holding their own through the whole thing, the talent and years playing together created a beautiful performance which I don’t recommend missing when they come back through.

At the end they unleashed 3 giant bags of balloons on the audience, and it immediately felt like a dream, full of whimsy and darkness all the same. Some of the saddest dance music I have ever experienced, but it certainly made me move.

Check out some photos from the show, wish you all could have been here… next time. It was such an amazing experience!

-Kelsey Breunig


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