Red Hunter’s Traffique Getting Weird @ The Tin Can 7.16.10

Okay, can I just begin by saying last night at the Tin Can was AMAZING and RIDICULOUS!

Red Hunter of Peter and The Wolf (in Drag mind you – so fitting that the Tranny bar is right down the way and it is Pride Weekend)  had his debut (perhaps one time only) performance of Traffique, his electronic dance project, which included 8 members, all in costume – glitter, head dresses, face paint, color, sparkle – they looked awesome. Though I am surprised that their makeup did not melt off, there were so many people in there, it was like being in a sauna, seriously…it has never been that hot in the Tin Can, ever.

It was the ultimate Dance party! The building itself looked amazing as well, the Tin Can was in costume too! I totally forgot that I had agreed to let Sezio (who put the show on) come in and take over if you will, and when I walked in around 8:30, holy shit was I surprised! It looked like a circus in there, I was not expecting it to be that decorated!!! I was really excited that the show worked out that well, it had been moved from a Warehouse to my mini-warehouse – a sad excuse in size when compared to a warehouse, but in the end that much more fun than one!

Knorphus – a rather elusive performer in the San Diego music scene, typically performing once a year – opened up the night, and really set the WEIRD mood…which was the theme of the night – Getting Weird. He was quite entertaining, a bit surprising, but entertaining all the same.

After he was done with his set which pretty much hit all the naughty topics, sex, drugs, sex, drugs, and jabs at the Government… he began a chant, the whole building – which Red so delicately put, was sold out twice (haha) – screaming Traffique over and over again, the costumed performers began to squiggle their way through the crowd to the stage.

The performance was pretty dang good, especially given that Red only had a few days to get this project together with his one time band members. You could certainly feel the love and support of the crowd as he sang about prostitutes and gay marriage, in drag, really pulling on the heart strings of the crowd for Prop 8 and equality. It was a very moving performance, and here are some photos of the ridiculousness that ensued.


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