1st-  Chilltown w/ djs Brother Face –  Nature’s Kid, Little Gold (New York – Christian De Roeck ex member of Woods and Meneguar), The Lovey Dovies (New Orleans), Christian James $4

2nd- The Colour Pallette Featuring art by Tyson Wirtzfeld and Morgan Manduley!!! Performances by Neat Beats $3

3rd- Lower Dens (Baltimore – Jana Hunter!!), Blessure Grave, Black Mamba, Ghost Shores ALSO – DJS BLK PNTS and Neil Young At Heart!  $7

4th- Moviegoers Record Release Show, Roxy Jones, Bryan Bangerter and The Whole Shebang $3

5th- Closed

6th- Closed

7th- Artfag Recordings Presents: STEREO TOTAL (Germany)!!!!! Hawnay Troof (LA) $12

Tickets available online –

8th- Crippled Puppies (Ventura), The Walking, Nothingful

9th- Dreamboat, Boom Chick (New York), Low Volts (Tim from The Black Out Party) $4

10th- Shaky Molars, Thrift Store Cowboys (TX), Joy, Warren Jackson Hearne (TX) $4

11th- Artfag Recordings Presents: WILD NOTHING (Captured Tracks, Virginia), Procedure Club (New Haven), Colleen Green (Oakland) $7

12th- Closed

13th- Closed

14th- The Watusi’s, Burning Yellows (PDX), Mentira Mentira (mexico) $4

15th-  The Monome Community Tour $5 – Amazing digital sounds and visuals. Come see this awesome technology at work!

16th- Tropical Depression and Colony perform! +DJS Jr. and Tropical Popsicle (Tim Hines from Lights On and Junior from Sunday Times) spinning all night long! $3

17th- Swim Party, Ghost Shores, Scruffles (Travis Trevisan of Tapedeck Mt.) Chilltown DJs will be spinning all night long! $5

18th- Billy Midnite, Travel By Sea (OC), The Shade $5

19th- Closed

20th- Closed

21st- Paper Forest, Young Mammels (Houston), D/Wolves, Bruisecaster $4

22nd- Aspects of Physics, Felt Drawings (LA), Great Willow (SF), Shimomitsu $5

Aspects of Physics will be GIVING all of their merch away for FREE this night! Its very exciting! While supplies last.

23th- Illuminauts, Blissed Out (New York), Jeans Wilder, Mystery Cave – Followed by a Rawmoans DJ Set!!! $5

24th- Artfag Recordings Presents: Frankie and the Outs (NY – ex Vivian Girls and ex Dum Dum Girls), Hunx and His Punx, Colleen Green (back from Oakland for round 2!!!) $7

25th- Archery For The Blind, Wagner Logic (ALASKA), Up Died Sound (NY), Gran Sasso $5

26th- The Fresh And Onlys, Little Deadman, Young Prisms (SF) $8

27th- Closed

28th- Analog Wave with DJS BLK PNTS and Autumn Child – Performances by Trudgers (Murietta) and Ghost Shores $3

29th- Young & Broke with DJ Crystal Mess – FREE!!! Bring in your Utility Bill and win a chance to have it paid right there on the spot!

30th- Fuck Yeah, Riververb, Rolled Numbers $5


2 responses to “SEPTEMBER 2010 SHOWS

  1. What time does the Wild NOthing show start?

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