October 2010 Shows

October 2010

Friday 1st – Maus Haus (SF), Former Ghosts (LA), Jeans Wilder, Neat Beats $5

Saturday 2nd – Space Nature, Old Tiger, Willy Nelson $3

Sunday 3rd – Colony, Jamuel Saxon, Moonbeams $3

Monday 4th – Closed

Tuesday 5th – Closed

Wednesday 6th – Chilltown – Jungle Fever, MMOSS (New Hampshire), Dreamboat $3

Thursday 7th – The Colour Palette – The Displaced, Shapes of Future Frames –  Art by Alex Kacha and Katherine Brannock – Tunes in between by DJS Bobo and Pickle!  $4

Friday 8th – Sanipants, The Finches (LA), Voice On Tape (LA), Norissa Gastelum $5

Saturday 9th – Doves and Desperados,  My Pet Saddle (LA), Kera and the Lesbians $5

Sunday 10th – Closed

Monday 11th – Closed

Tuesday 12th – A Night DJ’d by The Flying Objects – Members of Mr. Tube and The Flying Objects – FREE!!!

Wednesday 13th – Travis Putnam’s Going Away Party! Cascavell (Joshua Blatchley), Israel Putnam El Americano, Bleeds $3

Thursday 14th – KELSEY, JFRE COAD, and Yuko’s Birthday Party!!!!  Mission:Valley, Bombshell(!), Little White Teeth Tropical Depression $5

Friday 15th – Mi Ami (SF), Tape Deck Mountain, Kenseth Thibideau $5

Saturday 16th – Little Hurricane, River City, Milktooth (Nashville), Longstay $5

Sunday 17th – Paper Forest, The Hermit Convention (Santa Cruz), Trees Falling $3

Monday 18th – Christmas Island, Sex Church (Vancouver), Nude Boy $5

Tuesday 19th – Mystery Cave, Elephant & Castle (Oakland), James and Evander (Oakland), Vegetarian Werewolf!!! $4

Wednesday 20th -Shaun T. Morgan, All On Seven (Sacramento), Justin Rodriguez and the Brothers and Sisters $3

Thursday 21st – VDRAGO, Luna is Honey (LA), Conceptus – DJs Tropical Popsicle and JR.

Friday 22nd – Longsleeves, O’s and the Oculist (Long Beach), Kelsea Rae Little, Bobby Pena & The Stowaways $5

Saturday 23rd – The Flowerthief, Matt Curreri and the ExFriends, Wires on the Walls (LA) $5

Sunday 24th – Closed

Monday 25th – Closed

Tuesday 26th – Analog Wave with DJS BLK PNTS and AUTUMN CHILD – Titans’ve Industry (Seattle), Centerlight Pop (members of River City, Gunrunner, Ryan Blue), The Walking $4

Wednesday 27th – DJs Ruff Ruff and Sandy. Free.

Thursday 28th – Early show- starts 8pm!!!! The Heart Beat Trail, Little Fowl, Black Hondo

Friday 29th – White Ring (NY), King Dude (Seattle), Raw Moans, Nike 7-Up – Followed by a Robert Disaro of DISARO RECORDS DJ Set! $6

Saturday 30th – The Cetaceans, Lovers (Portland), White Arrows (LA), The Kabbs $5

Sunday 31st – Closed – Happy Halloween!


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